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Launch Your Career

MAAC provides job-oriented graphics, animation, VFX, and multimedia courses and career development training to prepare students for different job roles in the media and entertainment industry globally.

Animation studios, gaming studios, publishing houses, TV channels, production houses, and advertising agencies are continuously looking out for photographers, UI designers, gaming experts, animators, filmmakers, website developers, VFX artists, photographers, and graphic designers to work with them. MAAC helps such organisations to find skilled and talented individuals who knows the demand of the industry and work as professionals in their respective fields.

Employment Driven Education

India has the world's largest employable talent pool. But only one-fourth is directly employable. The remaining candidates are not skilled for new or complex service offering.

This is where MAAC's Employment Driven Education helps you with:

Job-orientated programs
Training in latest skills as per industry trends
Job-readiness with Employability Enhancement Program

Career Development Training

The MAAC Placements Cell conducts personal interviews with eligible students* to understand their strengths & weaknesses and to provide the right career guidance.

Industry experts are invited to give lectures & to conduct workshops to help students create impactful show-reels of their work.

The professionals guide students on how to showcase their skills in Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging & Dynamics, VFX, and more.

Apart from this, all through the year, MAAC conducts a variety of events to provide opportunities for the students to interact with the industry.