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VISUAL EFFECTS – Best VFX and Animation Degree Courses in Bangalore


From flying cars to flying superheroes! Create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games.

With MAAC’s Visual Effects courses, become a part of the aggressively growing VFX industry that plays a crucial role in almost every movie these days. The demand for trained professionals in Visual Effects is growing at a fast pace. At MAAC, we design courses, which introduce you to industry-specific software like Fusion, Nuke, 3ds Max, Mocha and train you in the fundamentals and technical skills required to be a successful VFX artist.


Advanced Program in Visual Effects

With this course, begin your VFX training with the fundamentals and go on to master the advanced techniques of VFX artistry.

VFX Plus

Program in Visual Effects

This is an intensive course that focuses on the aesthetic & technical processes of VFX. You will get to study a detailed curriculum, along with studio-like learning experience, to excel in the VFX industry.

Compositing & Editing Plus

Program in Compositing & Editing

This course will train you in the essentials of the last stage of film production that has the creation of actual look & feel.

To make a career in VFX, join MAAC after 12th.

A Visual Effects artist is always in demand. MAAC is one of the leading institutes offering some of the best job oriented courses in animation, VFX, and Web and Graphic Designing.


The cost of VFX course varies on the basis of course type, course duration and centre chosen. To know the exact VFX course fee at MAAC, visit your nearest MAAC centre.

You need to complete a professional VFX course to be eligible to work as a VFX artist. MAAC offers different types of career oriented courses to aspiring students. The most common fields of study to become a VFX artist are Animation and Computer Graphics.

VFX course fees depend on course type and course duration. The fees also vary from institute to institute. To know the exact fees, you need to visit a VFX training institute.

Fusion, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Mocha, Real Flow, Houdini, VUE, Nuke, Silhouette, and Adobe Premier are some of the software taught in visual effects courses at MAAC.

After completing a course in Visual Effects, you can get to work as a FX Artist, VFX Generalist, Roto Artist, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, and Compositor, to name a few.

MAAC provides job placement assistance to students on successfully completing their course. It has a dedicated placement cell that assists students to connect with recruiters. MAAC’s Employment Driven Education strategy also helps students with job-oriented programs, training in latest skills as per industry trends, and job-readiness with Employability Enhancement Program.

Duration of visual effects course varies depending upon course type. To know the exact VFX course duration, Visit our MAAC Jayanagar Center

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